1. Stop whining. What the hell is that gonna’ do to fix things? Nothing. Probably just make it worse.
  2. Stop saving your lacy underwear for a special occasion. Wear them today. Heck, you might feel so sexy that you put out all the right pheromones and end up with that special occasion you were waiting for all along!!!
  3. Stop buying more shit that you don’t need. This could be a book. Actually, it is. Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. Read it, and change your life. At the very least, you’ll probably end up with more space in your closet to make room for more shit you don’t need!
  4. Stop picking your scabs. That’s gross. Gulp.
  5. Stop lying to yourself. You are lazy if you don’t exercise. You are fucking beautiful no matter what the scale says. You are in debt because you spend too much. And the list goes on. We all have our special lies. You know yours. STOP.
  6. Stop needing approval. This is the BIGGEST downer to anyone’s day. and life.
  7. Stop making excuses. Because you’re the reason it’s going down (or not). You. Just you.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to others. There’s no one like you so it’s like comparing apples to oranges. You’ll never measure up. Be the watermelon that you were designed to be.
  9. Stop saying sorry. You don’t mean it. Be silent, and fix the problem. Then there’s no reason to even think the word sorry.
  10. Stop farting. That’s gross.
  11. Stop Listening. To people who tell you it can’t be done.
  12. Stop hugging. Trees. While you drive your big ass vehicles that destroy the earth.
  13. Stop eating chocolate. So there’s more left for me.
  14. Stop pretending. That you’re happy. satisfied. content. Face the messy truth instead and start the process of revealing your true self.
  15. Stop gossiping. That’s gross.
  16. Stop stealing. My joy. and others’ joy. Debbie Downer.
  17. Stop saving for a rainy day. Today! Dudes! Today.
  18. Stop being a vegan. Because it’s cool. Do it cause you mean it.
  19. Stop sucking back your snot. That’s gross.
  20. Stop hating. That colour doesn’t suit anyone.


2 thoughts on “STOP

  1. #1 – whining is a symptom, I have a bad cold and feel like poop and I want all my friends to know it and commiserate with me. I don’t get sick often and when I do I am a big suck. And Jarry makeae homemade soup because he is a prince and he loves me. Ok I feel better now, thanks❣

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