happy monday

It’s Monday and typically the least happy day of everyone’s week. I’m feeling kind of bleh myself … big exam tonight and even bigger paper due Wednesday so you know, bleh. I’m gonna’ try and turn this around, and one of the simplest things I’ve done for years is my happy list! When I started this blog I wrote this list once a week but it was one of the least read posts!!! yep I can see the stats! So, naturally and humanly I stopped writing it cause I wanted to pen what you wanted to read. That was dumb. Cause writing is my thing, my art, my love.

Recently I read in my fav book ever!!! If you get to know me, you’ll probably notice that I have a LOT of fav books ever but, I swear, this is THEE ONE. The War of Art….I call it the Holy Bible. Anyhow, recently this stuck out to me I can either be an artist or a hack. An artist writes what’s in his own heart; a hack writes what the market wants. And this goes for every art, not just writing … painters, mothers, those who were born to overthrow the injustices of the world, that one building a plumbing supply business from the ground … pursue your dreams from your heart! Anyone can market their craft, but how many live it with pure joy?!

Which brings me back to happy things! I love focusing on the positive. I’ve done it all my life with things like gratitude journals and happy lists long before Oprah said we should! and these little things are actually a pretty big deal in the even bigger picture. Just for the record, I did this during cancer and chemo, during divorce, during ex-communication, and so on and so on. In other words, it’s not just for people with perfect lives and no problems.

It’s a way of life.

So if happy things annoy you, pass on by! And if you like them, share one with me. Sometimes I find it hard to always have one-way conversations!! Today, I’m just gonna’ give you my list that sits on my counter. You’ll see that I always add one of my own, and today it was my breakfast smoothie. The best part is the glass I drink it from, Every day is a gift. 

So true. Even Mondays.



Happy Monday, Friends.

I dare you to be an artist; this world has plenty of hackers.

ps. Do you have something to be happy about today that you’d like to share?!


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