I’ve come to learn that your child is never fully gone, no matter the age. Even if I wanted to and I don’t, not even a bit I couldn’t fling them into the unknown. There is a cord, besides the umbilical one, that will never be broken. I shall help bear their burdens along with my own Forever.




And the really neat part is they’re helping to bear my burdens now that they’re all grown up! Momever.

I like that, bearing one another’s burdens.

I was reminded of those long ago child-bear-ing days when we had tilapia for dinner one night over the holidays. And it brought back the funniest memory!!! About bears. And bearing burdens. We laughed so hard piecing together the parts of the story and how it unfolded!!!

The boys were around 8 …. Matt swears they were 12, but that’s bull and he knows it! He just wants to humiliate Drew even more! The boys were 8. Maybe 9.

Anyhow, the boys and I were knee-deep in their Social Studies projects, and twins meant  two separate projects to work on at the same time! I break into a sweat just remembering those days!!! And I swear if I had my time back, I would have tucked them into bed and taken care of their projects all by myself! This would have been a much more efficient method. Plus a lot cleaner. and quieter.

Heres a little parenting advice: they’re gonna’ grow up and say you did it all anyhow so you may as well! Yup. Even if you just glue-gunned the crap on the poster so they wouldn’t burn themselves, they’re gonna’ say, You did all our projects!!! And then they’re gonna’ see a therapist and tell her that you did all their schoolwork, and this is why they have such high standards of perfection!! You can’t win that battle. So you may as well save everyone a lot of grief and just do their damn projects!!!

Matt was first, and his presentation was on deer. Now his Dad was a deer hunter thank god neither of the boys followed in those steps so, of course, his project was OVER THE TOP! He had every gadget known to deer hunters …. camo everything, deer calls and rattling antlers basically these mimic deer sounds, scent lures … ummmmm……that’s deer urine, life-size deer decoys, camo tentsand a deer stand-that’s a big metal-type chair that gets attached to a tree way up high …. this was fastened on top of the teacher’s desk where Matt sat in full gear as he presented his project!!! Incredible. I was very proud of my very good job on Matt’s project. Oh! and here’s the clincher….bite-sized samples of a venison roast that I cooked the night before!!! Costco had nothing on us. And Matt was a hero.

This was Tuesday. Drew’s presentation was Wednesday. And now he was pumped!

“Mom, the kids are gonna’ love hearing about Polar Bears!!!”



P.O.L.A.R.  B.E.A.R.S.

As far as I knew, there were no polar bear hunters in the family. I had never even seen a polar bear, except maybe at the zoo and on a Coke commercial! Don’t forget all you modern parents, there were no internet youtube videos or fancy technology gadgets to count on back in those days! We actually had to do this from scratch! And I was stumped.

It was chaos. Drew wore a white fur animal-shaped rug someone had given me as a wedding present … A wedding present?! We taped a cassette of bear growling sounds which played quietly in the background while Drew presented …. the cassette player kept turning off throughout so the little bear had to keep pausing to turn it back on! We had all of Jessica’s teddy bears propped around the room … they weren’t the polar variety but the kids got the general idea. And the clincher?! Bite-sized samples of polar bear meat. Just like Costco. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I found it in the fish section of Loblaws! The tag said Talapia, but no biggie. Human error!!! If it was white, it was polar bear. Besides, the first idea I had – marshmallows – was just too obvious!

To make a long story short, it was a disaster. Half the kids cried because they were eating cute little polar bears, and the other half didn’t believe it was polar bear and this made Drew cry. And then Matt was crying because twins always cry with each other. Not to mention, parents were calling the school the next day demanding to know why an endangered species was being served at snack time?! One even threatened to call the authorities!!! helicopterparentsjustsayin.

Here’s the best part. Drew had my back on this matter until he was around 1612!

He knew there was no better or softer or more loving bear in his life than MommaBear!

And he was right.




ps. Burden-bearing can and should extend beyond your family.

Let’s have each other’s backs.



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