Am I the only one who sometimes feels a little prick of envy at the success of others?


That was brave of me to say, especially when so many will deny any such common ground.

Yet I would go out on a limb and guess that most of you know the feeling! Cause Mother Teresa did, and she had more holiness in her big toe than most of us! She confessed to a spiritual confidant once that she felt Jesus had a special love for him, one which she craved!

So that settles the matter. Not one of us doesn’t feel the twinge. At least sometimes!

Here’s the thing. I’m not a mean girl …. and I’ve known a few. Not a mean girl bone in my body. I think all mean girls should accidentally have diarrhea in a public place!!! Of course, that’s happened to me, and I’m not a mean girl. Still. It was a pretty shitty experience, even for a nice girl! Also, I’m a fairly decent-looking, accomplished, hard-working, active girl. All that to say-I have no reason to be envious of others. Yet, sometimes, I kind of get that twingeeeeeeeeeee.

Especially if it’s concerning something that’s meaningful to me.

Cause truth be told, we all want to be the fastest runner, the smartest student, the bendiest yogi, the winningest speaker, the flowingest writer, yah I know, they’re not words! but basically….the fairest of them all. Here’s the good news: I don’t even think it’s because we’re not happy for the winner, we’re just sad for ourself! Maybe we’re afraid there’s not enough to go around?!

That book made the New York Time’s bestseller list; stop writing, the list is full!

That girl qualified for the Boston Marathon, no more medals, hang up the shoes!

She lost 30 pounds, I’ll always be a slave to food.

He got an A on the exam, I guess I’ll have to take the B’s!

Let me tell you about Will.

He wasn’t all there is what they said. He fell off a ladder when he was eight years old and was never the same. Will loved his dog. And skipping rocks across the water. In winter he shovelled all the driveways of the houses on Logy Bay Road. Every single one! In summer, he cut everyone’s grass! But mostly, he never missed a local game at the high school… football, baseball, soccer, no matter the ball that was being chased, Will was there! Cheering loudly!

“Go, Jimmy! You’re the best! The best in the world!”

“Mary!” he’d call, “You’re the fastest I’ve ever seen!”


You’re so great!

The best in the world!

The whole wide world!

You’re my hero!


You’re so amazing!

The entire game, Will cheered and called and hooted and screamed, clapping and jumping up and down every time someone scored! As if he was the winner!!! The one getting the goals. The fastest. the best. the most amazing. the hero.

This earned him the nickname, Good Will.

That’s the opposite of envy.

Here’s to goodwill.

And remember… there’s enough to go around, you just gotta’ put in the work, the time, the sweat, the dedication, the persistence, the sacrifice ….. but that’s another post!

Go, Friends! You can do it!

We all can.



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