Oddly enough

Apparently I’m odd.

The other day in one of my psych classes the prof presented an icebreaker activity, Tell me something odd about yourself. 

I sat there trying to decide between five different things to say. Pretty much the rest of the class had trouble thinking of even one thing to say.

I guess that makes me odd.

I looked up the word odd … different from what is usual or expected; strange. So, in other words, an event or habit that isn’t status quo, most of the people you know haven’t experienced the same thing or trait.

Here’s my odd list in order of least odd to greatest odd:

  1. I have six siblings. The average family has about three. Of course, pretty much every Nflder my age has 6 siblings. Still.
  2. I’ve run 4 marathons. A lot of my friends have too, BUT less than 1% of the population have done it! Definitely gets it on the odd list.
  3. I’ve had a false tooth since I was 8, about 5 decades earlier than the average mouth.
  4. I’d rather read than watch tv. To me, there’s no comparison between these two choices. One year I read 268 books.
  5. I didn’t read 50 Shades of Grey. Actually, kind of a lie. Truth: I borrowed a friend’s copy, read about 30 pages, pleasured myself, drove to said friend’s house and dropped off the grey book, made it to Chapters 15 minutes before close on a Sunday, bought a copy of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and finished all 336 pages by 3:30am on Monday morning. And this book turned me on even more than that grey one! Mind-blowing story and author.
  6. I have never watched an episode of Friends, Seinfeld, that show with Sarah Jessica Parker and her friends – can’t remember the name, Gilmore Girls, and the gazillion other shows that everyone loves. I was busy reading. And watching Oprah. I NEVER MISSED OPRAH! And you haters can just go on hating. Sex and the City! I just remembered the SJP show.
  7. My daughter was born on my 24th birthday, 2 days early. I swear, during the entire pregnancy I told myself, I’m having a girl on my birthday.
  8. I have twin sons. And both my twin sisters had three singleton births.
  9. I was born a singleton, but just 10 and a half months later than my sisters- who are twins. So, every year for 5 weeks, I’m a triplet. Between July 13 and August 22, Karen, Kat, and I are the same age! YOU SHOULD TRY GROWING UP WITH IDENTICAL TWIN SISTERS WHO ARE PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AGE AS YOU BUT ARE 5 INCHES TALLER AND HAVE WAY SMALLER NOSES!!!
  10. I got divorced after 25 years of marriage. Very uncommon…most people at that stage just stick it through, good or bad.
  11. I’m a student. Full-time. Definitely an oddity in that population. They call me a mature student, as if I don’t know what that means! I recommend this for every over-40 adult….not full-time but one course at least. Learning is as addictive as chocolate or beer. But it doesn’t make you fat.
  12. I’m a cancer survivor. Sadly, this is becoming less and less odd.
  13. My left nipple points westward. I wasn’t born this way; the surgeon sewed it back on a little crooked…I think it’s cute. Hopefully he was confused by my naked beauty and not a few shots of whiskey.
  14. I survived a hurricane. Hurricane Emily in the Mayan Riviera, my 40th birthday trip. I spent my birthday in the bathtub since the bathroom was a hurricane shelter. Emily sounded like a huge freight train going straight through our room! But when we hit the eye….peace and stillness like I’ve never experienced. We wore lifejackets with our names and addresses, etc. on them….just a routine hurricane precaution…
  15. I found a dead body. And called 911. I’ve never called 911 before, and I remember once I made the call, my phone was locked until the emergency services arrived. Strange the things you remember.
  16. I was a guest in a royal palace. Ever watched The Princess Bride? I haven’t, but my daughter says it’s a lot like this except there’s not an ounce of royal blood in my veins! The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg were my hosts. I’M SERIOUS!!! I slept in a royal bed, ate royal food, met the royal dog who kept trying to sniff my vajayjay OMG, ate at the royal table in a party of four … the Grand Duke kept calling me Madame Kimberley and the Grand Duchess said fantastic! which sounded more like fawntawstic with her accent and tapped my left arm every time I spoke! Also, I rode around town in the royal vehicle-a modest Rolls Royce….But my most vivid memory? A fly. It flew over the royal table during our meal and kept landing on the Duke’s nose. It brought me back to earth, I was levitating over the table at that point, and calmed my racing heart. A fly and I. Kin.

There’s probably more, but it’s Monday! Also, I have homework to do, kilometres to run, a dog to walk, and a life to live. Have a great Monday! I’m hoping for a fairly routine day and wishing you one too!

Btw … #16 was the fact I told the class about me. It never fails to surprise.

Oddly enough, it surprises me every time too!

That’s me! On my royal trip!
In case you’ve never seen a royal bed! I sneaked this pic cause I wasn’t really supposed to take pics… hehehe

I would LOVE to hear your odd stories or facts. Come on! Let’s make Monday Funday! Mwah.

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