Here’s to chocolate toast

When the babies were small, money was tight just like the waistband of my very Baptist  jean skirt. So luxuries like new toasters were not even a consideration especially when toilet paper and bread were competing for equal attention. Even when you had a toaster which had fully lost its ability to pop up without assistance, poop and wheat always won! Said situation involved some serious acrobatics on my part, and fancy moves just happened to be pretty much impossible in an ankle-length jean skirt.

This meant burnt toast pretty much every time.

But I had a solution! Being the creative mother that I was, I’d present the morning’s burnt offering with great flourish,

Look, Kids! Chocolate toast! 

And the look on their little faces! Chocolate breakfast?! Their mom was the coolest! Then I’d sit slightly suffocating in my sleeping bag skirt and beam as the babies devoured their chocolate toast. In no time, I didn’t have to make the big announcement, they were one step ahead of me!

Yay! Chocolate toast!!! 

And they’d clap their tiny hands, almost shivering with excitement.

In memory of those days filled with babies and stifling jean skirts and broken toasters, I’d like to offer a toast to all of you who turn water into wine  burnt toast into chocolate and damn well press on….

Here’s to you who know you aren’t perfect but love yourself anyhow, or perhaps because of those imperfect perfections.

Here’s to you who heard the word No and refused to believe the mountain was too big, too steep, too impossible!!!

Here’s to you who didn’t stop dreaming -even when others waved you back to earth, you knew and continued on to La La Land.

Here’s to you who laced up your runners, went to the gym, jumped on your bike instead of making excuses or jokes to cover the truth that you’re just plain lazy … because you know your body is your temple!

Here’s to you engulfed in anxiety or depression putting one foot in front of the other. So much respect.

Here’s to you who took the time to run into the ocean and then fling yourself upon the sand! or went for a walk in the rain. and let it ruin your hair.

Here’s to you who said Fuck you to haters. and naysayers. and hypocrites. and pharisees.

Here’s to you who love. even your enemies. also haters.

Here’s to you who risk failure and try anyhow.

Here’s to you who fight the fight every day. with addiction. disease. hopelessness. pain.

Here’s to you who love a pet. You get it.

Here’s to you who chew with your mouth closed. and fart in private.

Here’s to you who said No. And Yes.

Here’s to you who look at a muddy puddle. And see playtime.

Here’s to you who listen.

Here’s to you who stand up to your fears and monsters and and guilt and regret.

and assholes.

Here’s to you.
Here’s to you.

Here’s to you.

Here’s to you.

Here’s to you.

Here’s to you.


Here’s to a new year filled with chocolate surprises.

I love you.

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