prelusions, conclusions, and delusions

I started this blog on August 29 – actually a little earlier but my first real story appeared on this date so I consider it the actual birth. That’s exactly four months ago. I’ve written 47 posts and had 1474 visitors. About a hundred of you faithfully read! Did you know I can see the stats?! I even know where readers live! I’ve seen India, Italy, Germany and many other foreign countries! Thanks, by the way. You have made me feel like a writer. I’ve learned a lot about blogging and about myself.

According to the experts, it’s all about promotion. I have to promote my blog on social media, or I can expect a sure death. Here’s the thing….I’m a butterfly who has always belonged somewhere on a flower. And I’d be happy on that flower. Without tv. or Facebook. I didn’t even hear about Facebook until three years ago when I heard my running group mention it! I signed up to stay in touch with them. I’ve gone two whole months before I even realized I hadn’t turned on the tv once! And I’m not trying to sound spiritual or evolved or whatever…it’s just the way I’m wired. It’s me. It’s how I’m my happiest.

Even so, Facebook is fun. I like it. I like wishing you Happy Birthday and oohing over your newborn babes. I’ll even like your selfies every now and then, plus I love the funny and inspirational thoughts! Certain times of the month I even get addicted! Actually, that’s usually when I’m bored. Or when I’m studying. Which is exactly when I’m bored!

It’s just that no matter how you slice it, social media prevents you from living in the moment. And I’m sure that’s exactly where I want to be.

I want to be with Oliver on our walks.

And with Drew when he’s telling me about his adventures.

And looking at Matt as he describes life in the army.

And listening to Jess as she recovers from teaching all of your rotten brats every single day!

I want it to be just me and Mr P at dinner, at the movies, driving in the car.

I want to be just with me when I’m home alone.

And social media constantly competes for my attention. And it wins way too often.

So the experts say that I need to broaden my friend base on Facebook. I have about 230 friends which, in Facebook populations, that’s like living in Tilt Cove, the smallest town in Canada. Population: 6. I’m supposed to move to the big city, dress up and be seen at night about town. I love going to the city, but I always look forward to heading back to tend my flower.

I haven’t written for 3 weeks, and I’ve hardly looked at Facebook. I’ve spent time with friends and family. Just us. I have 6 new books to read and already on the third. I’ve played in the snow, gone to the movies (not into tv but love going to the movies!), slept late every day, taken naps, but now I miss writing!

Thanks again for reading and for all the encouraging comments. It’s strange when I post a selfie, I don’t worry too much how many people like it. But when I post a story, I’m obsessed. I want everyone to think my baby is adorable! I’m working on letting it go. And just writing. And I’m not moving to the big city. Not yet, anyhow. If my stories can make one of you believe, one of you cry, one of you hope, or smile, it is enough for now.

Consider the last 3 months a prelude…an action serving as an introduction to something more important. Cause really when I started this blog, I wanted it to be about you and your survival stories too. I heard this quote somewhere once and have never forgotten it, Yours by far is the harder lot, but mine is happening to me. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and dramas and problems and forget about others who often suffer much more than ourselves.

I’d love to share your stories of survival. Please say yes when I ask. In fact, offer before I ask! Tell me what you’d like to see on this blog. Did you like 5 things to be happy about? People I met at church? hehehe… Are you sick of hearing about my kids? I’d love some feedback. And I’d love to make this blog a community effort.

Good to be back. I missed you.

Love, Kim


p.s. I have internal hemorrhoids. Also, read Lily and the Octopus. And go see La La Land.

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