Post-election thoughts

Dear Friends,

You are beautiful. Because, you see, beauty is a package. It is not the outside shell. It is that time you sprained your ankle and had to drop from a race. It is that time you didn’t get the job, the thick-ankled girl did. It is that time you shut up and just listened. It is when you’re feeling down and you smile for someone who is downer than you. It’s when you’re right, but you lose. Melanie got the man, not Scarlett. Cause beauty is not a business, it’s a belief.

What should you tell your children? your daughters? And sons? To be kind. And do their homework. And dry the dishes like you mean it! And when your friend tells you a secret about another friend, just remember that friend is sharing your secrets too. When it’s sunny, Get outside and ride your bikes! When it’s raining, Get your boots-look at the puddles! When it’s snowing, Onward and outward, it’s fort-building time! And when someone does something nice for you, TAKE THE FRIGGIN’ CUPCAKE!!! And most of all, I love you, little pea.

Agree to disagree. Cause there’s no way you’re gonna’ win every argument. And I guarantee if you do, you will be one very lonely person. You say to-MAY-to, I say to-Mah-to, but it tastes exactly the same! And I don’t care if you take a different rOWt than my rOOt as long as I get the only parking spot available! I don’t care how OFF-uhn we argue, more OFT-uhn than not, we are both a little bit right and a little bit wrong.

Wish for others what you wish for yourself. A certain professor ends every class with these words along with, And for goodness sake, don’t smoke! I’m not sure if I know exactly what hate is or what it feels like. But I’ve wrestled with some pretty strong feelings. And they’re usually toward people who have messed with my kids. Now I mean MESSED!!! not stuff like didn’t invite them to a birthday party! I’m talking throw them out of their community and not allow any of their friends to ever speak to them again! Messed-up people messing with my kids. I wish for them peace, love, and grace. Just like I wish for myself.

Don’t be afraid to cry. I really cried this week, and it wasn’t on Wednesday morning! Sunday night, me, Mr P, and Jess were watching a docu about a former footballer who is now living with ALS. I am always moved by these stories, but tonight was different. It actually turned into the ugly cry, and I always resist ugly-crying especially when it’s not just me and my dog! I had been petty that day, making a big deal out of a very little matter. So petty, I’m too ashamed to say. But the tears washed away the burden, the shame, and fear and left in their wake only love and forgiveness. For myself. and others.

Did you love? That’s the question you’re gonna’ be asked at the pearly gates! Did you love? I’ve been told a lot of things about God. Scary stuff, tough love kind of stuff. And some of us have encountered a few demigods on our journeys. Scary stuff. Especially when they’re teaching you about God! But listen! This is what I’m clinging to…God is love!!! That makes it pretty simple, simple enough that I don’t have to figure it all out but can get on with the business of daily living. Someone says I have a fat ass?! Love. 65’s instead of 95’s? Love. I feel inadequate, unworthy, tired. LOVE. love. LoVe. lOvE. lOVe. LovE. Loveeeeeeee!!!

Life really is a pretty simple thing. It’s the YOO-muhn way that complicates things. Let’s all be better HYOO-muhn beings striving together, building big Love.


Love you,



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