Monday, Monday

Good morning, Monday!

Here we go again … countdown to Friday. To be honest, I don’t really hate Mondays. So I don’t get the big deal. There are days I can’t stand, but they depend on circumstances not on the fact that the day starts with an M.

Let’s take a sec and forget the irksome reasons Mondays bug us and think about the good stuff that happened on a Monday.

Youtube was launched on a Monday! Now imagine a Monday without cute cat videos or dancing babies to make you laugh. How about this, Hershey’s Kisses were launched on a Monday, how sweet is that?! Harry Connick Jr was born on a Monday. Also sweet.

All the letters in Monday rearranged spell dynamo! Other words found within are May, the month before summer, yam a delicious vegetable, yo a cool word that I like for no special reason, no not necessarily a negative, and nomad soon we will wander from Monday all the way to Friday!

Feeling better yet? How about this, Monday is the least rainy day of the week!

On a personal note, doctors removed the cancer from my body early on a Monday morning, my final chemo treatment was on a Monday afternoon, the most beautiful baby boy twins namely Andrew and Matthew were born on a Monday just 3 minutes apart! Mr President was also born on a Monday a longgggggg time ago when the earth was green! Monday has been pretty good to me, maybe that’s why we’re friends.

Still, Monday is the most important day of the week because it sets the tone for the rest of the week. It gets the ball rolling and dictates most weeks how Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will go. Well, maybe not Friday! Pretty much anything could go wrong on Friday and most of us can cope. After all, it’s Friday!

But back to Monday.

If I start the week with good habits, then I am motivated to continue in the following days; whereas, if I whittle away my Monday, I’m less inclined to pick up steam throughout the week. There are three things that I HAVE to do on Monday to increase my chances for a more successful week.



I MUST exercise on Monday. Even if it’s just a 3k run, I have to move. I’ve tested this theory multiple times, and it’s definitely a game-changer for me. If Monday gets off to a good start with the blood-pumping, heart-racing frenzy of exercise, I’m more likely to continue throughout the week. Probably for a variety of reasons. First, it makes me positive, you know all those happy little PacMen our brains produce when we exercise? That feeling! Yah, that feeling can change even Monday! Second, it clears my mind and helps me focus. I have a clearer vision for the week and month ahead.


For the week ahead, that is. If I write a list of things that I’d like to accomplish and start checking it off on Monday, my week is more likely to rock and roll! Now this list doesn’t have life-changing objectives, well not usually-except maybe when I was fighting cancer, but mostly just little stuff. For example, today I have a list of five things (besides my homework): start Matt’s birthday parcel, make appointment with eye doctor, clean car, call my Dad, and pick up a few items at Home Depot. Checking off a list is energizing, especially on a Monday! You’ll find yourself knocking it out of the park on Tuesday and Wednesday!


This is the single most important thing I do for my life. Starting off Monday and every single day with thankfulness makes it just a little bit harder to hate the day! It’s true.

If you start the day thinking of the blessings in your life misery will have to knock twice as hard to get its foot in your door!

Many times I just lay in bed and think of my blessings. But it’s meditative and purposeful. If I’m thankful for the luxury of easy breath, I breathe and enjoy the ease of the air flowing through my lungs. I think of those who struggle to breathe and pray for them. And I breathe again, deeply, watching my chest rise and fall, hearing the sound of life. Then I move on, usually 5 things. Five seems to be the magic number for me, but you can do as little or as many as you want or as time allows. Just give thanks.

I hope these things help you this Monday and throughout the remainder of the week. Oh, And did I mention coffee?! Always coffee to get your Monday off to a good start!

What things do you do to improve the Monday blahs? What’s on your thankful list?


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