i hate that

  1. When I have to squeeze my fart in. i hate that.
  2. When I let a driver merge, and they don’t wave at me. i hate that.
  3. When I’m taking a nap, and someone comes home and wakes me up. i hate that.
  4. When I studied, and I don’t know the answers. i hate that.
  5. When people ask me questions after 10pm. actually 9. i hate that.
  6. When I sneeze and pee my pants. i hate that.
  7. When I wake up in the middle of the night. for hours. i hate that.
  8. When I send a text and it turns green not blue. i hate that.
  10. When I hear my voicemail message. who is that person? i hate that.
  11. When people say Anywho. i hate that.
  12. When I’m served lukewarm coffee. i hate that.
  13. When I put on a pair of pants and they’re tighter than last month. i hate that.
  14. When the phone cord is missing. AGAIN. i hate that.
  15. When people leave really lonnnnnnnnng vme messages. i hate that.
  16. When I reach the 36km mark of marathons.I HATE THAT.
  17. When I have to wear underwear. any underwear. i hate that.
  18. When my toast gets cold before I butter it. omg. i hate that.
  19. When the person behind me at the theatre keeps kicking my seat. i hate that.
  20. When I have a photoflash during a run. That’s supposed to say hotflash! refer to #9…my computer corrects me too. i hate that.
  21. When there’s 3 days in a row without any sunshine. i hate that.
  22. When people snort their snot back instead of blowing their nose. gag. i hate that.
  23. When I eat too much. that feeling of overstuffed. i hate that.
  24. When I can’t remember what I was just thinking two minutes ago!!! i hate that.
  25. Haters.



What do you hate? The same things? or different? Yo. I want to know. And yo. I hate it when I ask a question and no-one answers! hahaha Just kidding, you bunch of haters 🙂


2 thoughts on “i hate that

  1. 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 15, 21, 22 (just thinking of it makes me nauseous), 24, 25
    When someone says “I’ll be there in a few minutes” and shows up 2 hours later. When I’m certain I have a certain ingredient and discover I don’t after I’ve started cooking. When I’m intently watching something and someone starts a completely unnecessary conversation. Tuesdays.

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  2. The ingredient thing! i hate that too! Except I’m not a great cook so I don’t know how to substitute…I have a feeling you’re better at that than me cause your recipes are the kind that make me overeat (#23)!


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