i’m a little bit country

I have a confession.

I like country music.

I know!!! I can’t believe it either cause I’m actually a very cool person, and my boys say country music is pretty uncool cause it rambles a lot about whiskey, girls, and trucks. But I say No! It’s not exactly like that! It’s more like this.

There’s this girl, most likely an orphan and raised by her grandmother, and she’s never felt special, not once in her whole entire life, she’s never even owned a pair of shoes that weren’t hand-me-downs, BUT THEN…then a handsome guy, probably a preacher’s son, falls in love with her and they drive around in his truck, over dandelion fields by day, and by night they let down the tail bed and watch the moon and dream of their future together, and one night he gives her a bubblegum machine ring and they promise themselves to each other but that night on the way home on a dark country road another truck with a driver drinking whiskey, shame on him, collided with them and the little girl went home to be with Jesus and OMG I just can’t take it!!! 

Cause now she’s an angel who will be with him always. In his heart.

It’s just so beautiful, I say to the boys! And they stare at me in disbelief, eyes glazed over.

But there’s more! According to country songs:

  • You can be broke AND happy
  • Jesus will take the wheel if you only let him
  • The love of a good woman is enough
  • Driving a tractor is veryyyyy sexy
  • There ain’t nothin’ a little wine won’t cure
  • Tears are nothing to be ashamed of
  • Friends have the coziest shoulders
  • Dogs really are man’s best friends
  • Daddy loves you more than you know, and
  • Mama knows best (Remember that, boys!)

You know what the bottom line is? It’s simple. And romantic.kinda. It just stirs me somewhere way down deep, the parts of me that haven’t been harvested. The soil starts to turn. And i want to cry, even when I don’t.


It’s the little girl part of me that wants a dog even if he sheds. and a Mama that adores her and tells her every day how much she is loved. plus a Daddy that tells her she is special and she can do ANYTHING if she just believes. and a Jesus that she can count on to love her no matter what. and friends who will be true even when she doesn’t deserve it. And everyone will be happy, broke and all.

forever and ever.


And besides, Steven Tyler is now singing country music, sorta, and that alone is enough reason to like country music. ST and me…we’re tight! Not as tight as me and Mr P! But still. prettytight. 🙂

Check out ST singing country music. Sigh.




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