Oliver knows best: 5 things

This is Oliver, my 7 pound toy Pom. He was raised by a Golden Retriever so he thinks he also is a golden; this makes him extra cute! He seldom barks, loves the whole world, and carries around sticks three times his size. Ollie is happy ALL the time!

Oliver’s happiness does not depend on the weather, the number on the weight scale, how many likes on his Facebook status, how he slept the night before, whether he’s had his coffee, how much money he has in the bank, how many toys in his garage, how big his house is, and the myriad of important things that determine the happiness of us evolved humans.


All this little guy needs is a bit of food, enough water, and his people. YES, people are where it’s at as far as this little fur ball is concerned, and it takes very little to make him happy. Throw a ball for him to fetch. You’d think he won the lottery. Heck just come home from an errand- he loses his mind! I can come home 10 times in one day, and there’s a huge celebration every time! My fav moments are at bedtime when he backs his little furry bum into the small of my back and settles in. If I move, he moves too. He has to feel me and be close; wherever I roll he backs up and curls in! It’s hilarious how he backs in, never face first! Then he sleeps, probably dreaming of the wonderful day it’s been and looking forward to another great day when he wakes. Cause Oliver knows best.


5 things to be happy about:

  2. Fresh bread from the farm…highly recommend from HyHope Farm, made by the elderly owner, you can taste the love!
  3. Matt’s coming home for the weekend! 2 more sleeps 🙂
  4. Homemade Potato leek soup simmering on the stove … love when supper is made by 10am!
  5. October … Give me an O! C! T! O! B! E! R! cause October deserves a cheer!
Exhausted from a two-hour hike and falling asleep in his “bath”!

Do you have a fur baby that teaches you about happiness in its purest and simplest forms? I’d love to hear!

Have a Happy Day People!



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