3 reasons everyone should run

Everyone should run.

I know this sounds a little arrogant since I’m a runner. But I’ve tried other daily exercise routines, and none compare. Here’s why.

You will get to know your Mother

She is beautiful, your Mother. She bore you, then you grew up and forgot her. Except to use her. It’s time to remember. And to breathe in her beauty. She gives and gives and gives. We take. Running will connect you again. With her seasons. her curves. her milk. and bounty. We couldn’t survive without her; yet, she is the most neglected of all. And when she is gone, you will cry and long for her comfort. Trust me, I know; I look for her on every run. And I find her, twisted within my very bone and marrow. And I am home. The following pictures were all taken during runs. Our Mother, she is the fairest of them all.







IMG_2791 (1).jpg

You will get high

Okay, I admit, this is a little bit of an exaggeration, but the truth is there lies an opportunity to get high! In three years of running, I’ve only gotten high about a dozen times; nonetheless, it’s happened, and you never know when the ride is coming! Scientific studies have shown  that long duration, rhythmic type exercise (running!) releases endorphins and other good stuff that produces a high quite like a marijuana high- and this one is legal!


superwoman pic


You will cross a finish line 

I realize that going for a run will not take you to a finish line. However, in my experience, few runners go for a run who don’t eventually end up at a finish line-even if it’s only one! There is a certain magic which draws you to the race, and the finish line only increases the thirst. My daughter is a great example. She hated running, as people often do when they start; in fact, I still am not thrilled for at least 50% of my runs. IT’S HARD PEOPLE! And we are not wired to enjoy hardship. Once I even threw Jess’ running shoes on the front step and locked the front door; I definitely need to re-assess my mothering techniques. Anyhow, that girl went on to a 5km race, then a half marathon! And she’s running another half in 5 weeks! There is NOTHING like a finish line. Pure beautiful magic.

There’s our girl bringing it home! So proud of that girl!
The Scotiabank Half- my first half marathon run with my son just days before my 5 year cancer survival date. Wow. I love that kid.
My first marathon, just 10 months after I started running!
30k ATB with my buddies Bill and Dennis! Look at that number 3030!

So, do tell, why would anyone want to sweat in a stinky gym when they could get high while hanging out with their Mother dreaming about finish lines?!

Go for a run today.

I dare you.


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