Singing in the rain…5 things

Newfoundlanders are pretty happy people. It’s rare to walk past one on the sidewalk without receiving at least a nod and quite often a greeting too! Why, they’ll even stop and ‘ave a yarn! (aka chat!)

“Hello Sweetheart!”

“Thanks, my Love.”

“Okay, Me Ducky!”

Strangers calling me all these loving names. Feels kind of good. And makes me smile.

But that weather.

Even when I was 10, I knew that on sunny days (which happened along about once a week if we were lucky) I just felt better. And happier. For sure the weather has improved since my childhood days, but there are still more gray skies than blue. And according to experts, people who enjoy greater doses of sunshine are happier.

So why on earth are Newfoundlanders so happy?

I think it’s because they live simply. And enjoy little things. Like tea with friends. time with family. A good scoff (that’s food!). A funny story. Dancing like there’s no-one watching- literally. Music. especially music about their beautiful island. They love Her. Their island, that is.

And this kind of goes along with 5 things to be happy about….cause they’re little things, the simple things that happen along every day. The things we could miss if we’re not looking.

Makes me wonder, How many 4-leaf clovers have I missed cause I wasn’t looking?!

5 things to be happy about:

  1. Fresh fish … very fresh fish!
  2. Strangers saying hello
  3. Molasses
  4. Newfoundlanders singing about their Home
  5. A fantastic BM! 🙂

Newfoundlanders are singing in the rain. So why are we so crooked?(aka grouchy!)



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