always happy: 5 things

I’m taking a class this semester about the psychology of children’s play. It’s pretty interesting, and I can say for certain that we adults could learn a lot from children and how they play.  Last week, the prof gave us each a piece of paper and some markers. Then told us to draw 16 of something that described the student sitting next to us. Here’s the picture about me:


Emma drew it, and when asked why, she said,

“Cause you’re always happy!”

I couldn’t be happier.

It’s exactly what I want others to think of when they think of me. Not she’s so beautiful. or smart. or rich. or a million other things.

Cause none of those things mean anything if you ain’t happy!

5 things to be happy about:

  1. I’m going back to my Newfoundland home TODAY!
  2. I STILL have ten toenails. That’s a first after a marathon!
  3. Black and red jube jubes! A treat from Jess for my trip!
  4. I slept through the night without meno-waking! First time in ages 🙂
  5. Early morning peace. the 5am kind!

What are you happy about today?!

Have a good one, friends.



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