good morning world

Early morning and I aren’t that close. And it isn’t for lack of trying. Countless times I’ve rolled out of bed to include the sunrise in my daily routine. And I always LOVE it! So peaceful and unhurried … almost holy, it ripples right through me, my body mirroring its serenity. So you’d think I like this rippling feeling so much that it would be easy?! Nope, my pillow gives me a pretty good feeling too!

Besides the rippling effect, there’s no doubt I get SO MUCH MORE done when I’m up at the crack of dawn! By noon my to-do list is pretty much empty and I have to invent new things to do! Now, to be clear, I’m a decent morning person and usually up by 8am latest; I have NEVER hit a snooze button in my life-almost always, I rise very easily….. as long as it isn’t before 7am! I’m talking about early morning … 6am type of early morning. Experts say successful people embrace this part of the morn.

In fact, they’re richer, fitter, smarter, happier, stronger, sexier, prettier, sweeter, and every damn -er in the dictionary!!!

And I  still can’t get up!!! Not if I don’t have to. 

So here I am at 8am. Sayin’ good morning world! What a beautiful day to be alive.

Some Friday ideas to make this day even better:

  1. Smile at a stranger. Sounds so cliche, but it can change a person’s day literally. I remember a day when a stranger’s smile saved my life. My friends were running when they saw me; then a stranger smiled. I grabbed that rope and pulled myself to safety, convinced that God had touched down in the form of a stranger. For the love of God, look right into their eyes, and smile.
  2. Breathe. The kind that’s on purpose. When you’re running late. When you’re feeling fat. When the kids are being kids. When a friend doesn’t care. When you know others are watching. And judging. Breathe, breathe, breathe. It opens your heart and your heart pours out. All over everyone, but yourself first. Compassion happens when you breathe. On purpose.
  3. Say thank you. At the Tim Horton’s counter. To your partner. By lifting your hand when a fellow traveler leaves room to let you merge. Oh. Dear. God. I can lose my mind over that one! My kids say there are only two things that really piss me off: when I don’t get that wave, and when another car beats me in the double drive-thru line at Tim’s! Say thank you. Never mind  the other person, makes you feel so good.
  4. Slow down. We’ve bought into this myth that fast means productive and successful. I’m gonna’ get there, and it doesn’t matter how many people I have to knock down! Exactly where are you going? How about a little afternoon snooze on your way? On your back in the grass. You can brush away the ants when you wake up. And maybe learn a few lessons from said ants. They’re sloooooooow and highly productive.
  5. Own it. You’re gonna’ screw up. We all do. Every day. Just own it. Say I’m sorry. Or excuse me. Yup that was you who made the stink, own it!  It feels so good- NOT FARTING!!!- owning it! Now I’m smiling. But seriously, own your shit – omg I’m back to the farting! Anyhow, you get the message …. own it! People will love you for it.

Happy Friday everyone! I slept in till 8 so I guess I’m not nearly as rich, fit, smart, happy, strong, sexy, pretty, sweet and -er, -er, -er as I could be if I’d risen with the sun!

But it’s an awfully great world.  And I’m happy to be here.






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