Don’t worry, be happy-5 things

Years ago, about 28 to be precise, this fantastic happy song started popping up on the radio and whistled all the way to number one! It starts with a simple whistle – something I CANNOT do! – and then Bobby McFerrin singing about happy! It made people insanely happy, especially me cause I had neither cash nor style! It made people so freakin’ happy that urban legend had to come up with an antidote: Apparently Bobby, the happy dude, had committed suicide! 

Well, word got out around the house of the Lord that even the most devoted of the righteous were whistling along behind closed doors! I mean, what could be sinful about a song that promotes happiness?! We had heard through the gossip chain that members of “the firm” were tuning in to American Idol, and some of those people were singing about stuff like sex and divorce and alcohol!!! how bad could a happy song be?!!

Bad enough to show up in a sermon!

It was the wrap-up story, the one that brought guilty parishioners to their knees. With great pause, the preacher told of Bobby McFerrin’s untimely end. Admonishing us to find our happiness in things with eternal value, and to resist Satan’s sinister attempt to lure us into the underworld of rock n’ roll! Half the congregation fell prostrate at the altar, but not me, not this time! No lemonade today! Me and the kids whistled our way home with Bobby McFerrin Rejoicing Evermore!!!

5 Things To Be Happy About:

  1. Ten toenails! For now!
  2. Girl Guide chocolate mint cookies! Yah baby!
  3. Wearing my “Makes people smile” dress!img_2699
  4. Watching Juniper (resident cat) roll in the sun.
  5. Lemonade. The homemade kind!

P.S. Take just a few minutes and check out the song on Youtube! It will make you Soooooo Happpyyyyyy!!! Bobby McFerrin and Don’t Worry, Be Happy! I’ve got it blasting right now while I’m writing a very heavy paper due at midnight! Making my task just a little easier! Have a great day, friends! xo

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