30 things

Just the other day, I was chatting with my nearly thirty year old wax girl … that’s the one who rips the hair off all the hidden parts of my menobody! Said girl and I were having a meaning of life type of convo which evolved into me wondering what would I tell my 30 year old self? I’ve been thinking on this for days. So, here it is. Note: this is not a tale of regret. It’s simply a tale.

  1. You shoulda’ worn pants. They are not evil. Just cloth held together by thread.
  2. You shoulda’ left the church that told you pants were evil. There were lots of churches that would’ve stayed out of your pants and taught about more important church type of stuff like love. And forgiveness.
  3. You shoulda’ let Drew join gymnastics. And grow his hair.
  4. You shoulda’ worn moisturizer on your very smooth face.
  5. You shoulda’ gone back to university. What did Matt say after his first term at Carleton, “Ma, they want you to think critically at university!” Shit! What?! Challenge arguments and question conclusions?!
  6. You shoulda’ asked more questions. Why is the sky blue?
  7. You shoulda’ challenged conclusions. Pants aren’t evil. They’re just pants.
  8. You shoulda’ let Matt win at Monopoly. At least once.
  9. You shoulda’ read more. Critically.
  10. You shoulda’ been a better friend to Bonnie. She is gold.
  11. You shoulda’ gotten a tattoo… but I did! … somewhere visible.
  12. You shoulda’ let the house get messy. And laid on the couch and read a book.
  13. You shoulda’ let the house get messy. And played dress-up with J.A.M.
  14. You shoulda’ let the house get messy.
  15. You shoulda’ run. Races.
  16. You shoulda’ run. To a better place.
  17. You shoulda’ let Karen come to Paris. My Fairy Godmother.
  18. You shoulda’ spent more time with your Mom. She is gone.
  19. You shoulda’ listened more. And talked less.
  20. You shoulda’ laid on the grass. At least once a week.
  21. You shoulda’ forgave. Yourself.
  22. You shoulda’ shouted back. At shouters.
  23. You shoulda’ said No. And Yes. To pants.
  24. You shoulda’ written a book. Any book.
  25. You shoulda’ let 3 year old Jessica fold her own clothes.
  26. You shoulda’ listened to rock music. In the church parking lot.
  27. You shoulda’ thanked Terry. He was Love.
  28. You shoulda’ listened to Oprah. She said Leave!
  29. You shoulda’ shared. Your heart.
  30. You shoulda’ worn pants. They’re just pants.

I’m writing a new tale. Because I’m a survivor.

Just like you!












2 thoughts on “30 things

  1. I love this! ❤Every….word…of….it! I’m finding it such a struggle to let go of some of the deeply ingrained things. (Not the pants – that part was easy! 😉)
    But ever so slowly, as I struggle for real freedom, and what really matters…
    A work in progress. It does get better.

    Thanks Kim! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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