5 things to be happy about: act now


The Dalai Lama knew you had to make your own happiness.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

That’s why I’m making a list today. I’m acting to find happiness! This morning when I woke, I had a lot on my mind. I’m thinking about my marathon on Sunday. A MARATHON IS A MONSTER. School has started, and I have 23 assignments posted already. That actually kind of excites me! I’m having period cramps, which is not uncommon lately. With menopause comes a LOT of the red stuff OFTEN! But I’m begging the gods to smile upon me and stop the flow until Monday! A marathon and a period in concert makes monster-killing much more challenging. yikes.

So I had to act fast today … Here’s my list:

  1. No red. Yet.
  2. A blogger in India connected with me! INDIA!!!
  3. Perfect coffee. Hot. Smooth. Not bitter.
  4. Hanging with my girlfriend tonight. Joyfulness.
  5. Gonna’ lie on the grass today. And nap. Just like Juniper. That cat.


What’s making you happy today? I’d love to hear … your happy stuff makes me smile too! Act now!


2 thoughts on “5 things to be happy about: act now

  1. I always end my day writing the things that I am thankful for but today while out for my morning walk I started thinking about all the big things that I am thankful for, the really big things and the list was pretty extensive. The usual things made the list my family, my friends, a cozy home, my job etc. but two things really surprised me. First I was thankful that I have MS, getting this diagnosis years ago shook me to my core and it took years for me to get to this place that I am thankful. I now truly appreciate being able to walk, to see and to be deeply connected to my body and listen to what it needs – having a nap is OK! Secondly, I was thankful for the person that hurt me so deeply not so long ago because in trying to heal from this I have learned so many things about myself and have embarked on a journey of healing and self discovery.


    1. Thanks for sharing with such simple honesty….those are pretty brave BIG things! Cancer was one of those big things for me … helped me savour naps and not keep “the dirty little secret” in the closet! Your words inspire and teach me, and I’m so glad you’re hanging out with me on this journey. You’re a freakin’ survivor. xoxo


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