There’s More to Survival than Cancer!

I’m a survivor. And I think it’s a beautiful word.

Most of us, when we hear the word survivor think of cancer. And that’s awesome  because people who face cancer … the diagnosis, the surgery, the chemo and radiation (if you need these treatments) and then the getting back up and going on with life after ALL that beating down takes phenomenal awesomeness!

I know this for sure because I survived cancer. The definition of when you reach survivor status varies – some say from diagnosis to end of life, others insist you must be 5 years cancer-free; I say this is arbitrary because if you received a diagnosis and you’re still alive, that pretty much spells survival! By the way, even though this diagnosis event lasts only approximately 5 minutes, it is THE MOST EARTH-SHATTERING, TIME-STOPPING, FRIGHTENING 5 minutes of the whole experience.

Here’s the thing.

So many are facing divorce today. And rejection.

Single parents are struggling to juggle all the balls. They’re scared.

Your neighbours are bombarded with anxiety. And they’re ashamed.

Depression chips away relentlessly at the very souls of those it attacks. And people judge.

What of those facing an illness other than cancer? Illness without the prestige.

Those precious parents dealing with a sick, either physically or mentally, child. This one breaks my heart.

The many elderly who are alone. And lonely.

Those fighting addiction.

Those facing discrimination.

The bullied.


And these anxious, depressed, lonely millions are not receiving homemade meals every day, hundreds of get well you’re amazing, you can do this, we’re here for you cards, people begging to clean their house, walk their dog, and do anything they can to help like I (and many others) did when fighting the C word!!!

Which I appreciated beyond words.

My favourite definition of survivor is one who continues to function or prosper.

Which means there are survivors all around! We’re rubbing shoulders everyday, passing one another at the grocery store, and liking each others’ posts on Facebook! If you’re struggling (and we all are!)…

But continuing to function , perhaps even prosper ,


Survivors …. All of us.

And I think to myself … What a beautiful world.


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