5 Things To Be Happy About!

When my kids were growing up, this was a fun thing we loved to do together. It also became a practise in my classroom, and the students loved it! With Crayola window markers every Monday (maybe not every, but probably most!) we would write on the kitchen window 5 things that made us happy. Not big things, little ones. Like clean socks, a “looth” tooth, and Mommy, ALWAYS Mommy made it to the list!

Now, lest you are imagining June Cleaver and her little Theodore “Beaver,” let me set you straight. This involved me balancing on my knees on a countertop littered with piles of breakfast dishes screaming at the kids,


But heck, I was trying, and these kids grew up to be thankful adults so that’s a win in my books! Later in life, I kept a gratitude journal writing every night my top 5 thankful things of the day. The entries were pretty different from those childish ones invented by J.A.M. (Jessica, Andrew, and Matthew!)…. I stood on my head for the first time! A stranger held the door for me! No more diarrhea:) but did they ever change my outlook and if I was struggling with negativity of any kind, made me feel a lot better.

Thankfulness. It’s so simple, people. But freggin’ hard. Way easier to drink another glass of wine, go shopping, or get lost in a new book (my medication of choice). And before you “winos” go a little crazy, I think wine is a good thing! Let’s just be wine-loving, shopping, reading thankful people! Hey get this! Psychology is ALL OVER this concept of thankfulness! Yup, it’s been scientifically proven to reduce depression and anxiety, and all kinds of other weird things like improve your sex life! Enough said! Let’s start a thankfulness revolution!!! Every Tuesday, I’m going to post my “Happy List,” and I’d be thrilled if you would share your happy things with me!

5 Things To Be Happy About:

  1.  I ran 11km this morn and didn’t pee my pants! Not once! Wahoo!
  2. Sunshine. Sunshine. Sunshine.
  3. Massage this afternoon! HEAVEN!
  4. My menobelly looks a little smaller this morn … ugh … that menobelly
  5. Morning text from my Matt:)

What are you happy about? There’s so much good stuff happening right under your nose, but if you’re not looking for it you’re less likely to find it!

Be thankful, my friends. And enjoy your wine.

matt's text

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